About Wellmerica

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Who We Are

Wellmerica was founded by Florida community providers with a vision to build the state's premier provider-led health insurance plan, putting the patient at the center of every company decision. As integrated healthcare providers having cared for millions of Floridians around the state over the past 30 years - of all backgrounds & health needs - we have seen that the best patient outcomes come from empowering patients & their physicians. Based on this experience, Wellmerica is a provider service network that believes that all care touching a member should be delivered locally, in his or her community.

Commitment to Value-based care

We believe that the right care results from helping a patient reach the right clinician for the right service at the right point in time. This belief is demonstrated by our commitment to value-based payment contracts for our network providers. By sharing value and risk with a patient's primary & downstream care team - and then enabling them with the clinical data & cost analytics they need to succeed - we enjoy unique partnerships with clinicians that reduce the need for utilization management, pre-authorizations, and referral & medication restrictions. If this philosophy resonates with you and your practice, please contact us through our Provider Information page to learn more.

Mission Statement

We are a provider-led plan, focused on member-centered, whole health delivery in the communities we serve.

Vision Statement

To be Florida's leading provider service network, delivering innovative healthcare that empowers our members to take charge of their own health & wellness.